I offer VPS configuration and maintenance services for your server applications. If you need a server for a website, database, cloud storage, email, remote backup, or something else, I can provide full service setup with ongoing maintenance or setup and configuration only.

If your business need to send text message reminders or notifications, I can provide re-occurring or one time messaging services with calendar, reply processing, and opt-out functionality utilizing Twilio’s API.

Message me to get started!

Here is a longer list of services I offer.

Digital Ocean, Linode, and AWS EC2 and Lightsail setup and configuration

Website with SSL, Firewall, and traffic analysis reports

WordPress installation and updating

Twilio API (computerized phone text messages and calls)

Accept credit cards (Using the Stripe API)

SQL Database setup

IMAP Email server with SSL and website login options.

Server and domain based email forwarding

File storage & encryption

Remote management

If your restaurant is in need of an online menu ordering system, please see my demo targeting mobile devices. I will create 2 separate sites for your business: The customer facing menu designed for mobile use, and the kitchen order confirmation and payment processing site. I can help you get your restaurant menu online and ready for orders. Here is a demo I worked up for a local sandwich shop.